Sunshine Coast Physiotherapy for Children

A Passion for Sports Can Last a Lifetime

We all would like to see our children be healthy and successful and grow up loving sport but unfortunately mismanaged injury impacting both quality of life and ability to stay active and participate in sport.

Statistics show injury in children and adolescent injury is on the rise, thought to be often related to overuse and “doing too much”.

At The Sports Physico we are passionate about keeping young people fit and active and doing the sport they love painfree!

While injuries in young athletes are often similar to the ones that affect adults, they cannot be treated always the same way as their bodies are not fully developed.

In other circumstances the injury is directly related to growing, particularly affecting the tendinous insertion into bone.

Child Physiotherpay Examination

Our future stars are pushing their bodies like never before!

So it is not surprising we are seeing more injuries to our junior athletes.

Whether it is a fracture from a football related tackle or stress from over use, we have seen an increase over the years to both our young male and female stars.

A growing body handles injury differently to that of an adult, from swimming to netball, soccer and rugby,  both training and competing can be extremely demanding on young growing bodies, and injuries that go untreated can cause poor posture, alignment and even chronic pain.

If your child is has an injury, we recommend speaking to an expert physiotherapist that can communicate and work alongside parents and young athletes, coaches and trainers, to quickly identify, heal and strengthen the effected area and reduce the stress on the growing body.

If your child has an injury, speak to the Physio that understands the treatment a growing body requires.

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