Physiotherapy for Triathletes on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast – The Perfect Training Ground

The Sports Physico have spent many years managing injury and training loads in these athletes.

To compete at amateur or elite levels, requires a huge training schedule  and according to a University of Western Sydney study of more than 100 competitive triathletes over 80% of injuries are as a result of overuse.

Regardless of level,  everyone has a training threshold with a point of diminishing returns, a biological or biomechanical point where any additional training will produce a decrease in performance, and lead to injury.

The good news, often there are warning signs such as slight aches or weakness as your body’s struggles to repair the damage created by repetitive stress – eventually resulting in pain, inflammation, and increased weakness.

Continued training through these early warning signs can result in weeks or months away from your triathlon training and competition.

Treating & Prevention Injuries in Triathletes

The Sports Physico Experience:

From our involvement with Swimming Australia to the Sprinters of the Jamaican Olympic team, The Sports Physico experience offers you accurate diagnosis and fast rehabilitation by a Sports Physiotherapist that understands the biomechanic loading rates of an athlete and how to train for optimal efficiency.

 Injury Prevention :  

From swim stroke correction, to runnning analysis and bike fit assessment, we  provide:-

  • Individualised screening
  • Prehabilitation
  • Performance Programs

Ideal for athletes looking to:  

  • maximise performance
  • Improve muscle efficiency
  • Prevent injury to muscles and joints
  • Stops incorrect movement patterns as the body attempts to compensate for any biomechanical problems.

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