Remote Assessment

The lack of access to highly experienced physiotherapist due to distance between patients’ homes and physiotherapy services has long been an issue, as has continuing with physio rehabilitation when travelling.

The Sports Physico is proud to one of a handful of clinics that is using the latest technology to offer services to both new remote patients, existing patients that may have travel commitments and athletes competing overseas.

patients often specifically requested to see myself as my profile has grown through my work with elite athletes and teams, and through utilising the latest applications available, we are able to achieve fantastic outcomes for remote patients says Dr Jo Brown

Speak With a World Class Physiotherapist Anywhere

This is a unique opportunity by a world class physiotherapist from afar. Utilising the wonders of technology to assess, diagnose and manage injury or improve performance from almost anywhere in the world.

Perfect for:-

  • If you live remote don’t have access to a highly experienced physiotherapist.
  • You have made contact with a physiotherapist on a training camp.
  • You have been seeing us and are away with competition.
  • Travelling but still require ongoing management and advice.
  • You would like a second opinion by someone that is highly trained and experienced .

Speak with us if

  1. Unable to access highly experienced physiotherapy services locally
  2. Looking to reduce your travel travel time and costs  between in-person treatments.
  3. Are currently receiving physio treatment and think you may need to access our services whilst travelling
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