Education & Workshops


Dr Jo Brown conducts a series of professional development seminars and education for sports teams and associations throughout the year locally, nationally and internationally.

These seminars presented are tailored to your sport, with over 20 years of clinical experience and treating elite athletes at the highest levels, the information presented is based from experience and emerging evidence derived from scientific studies.

Who we work with

  • National Sports & Olympic Committees

  • Swimming Clubs & Associations

  • Dance Schools

  • Tennis Clubs & Associations

  • Rugby Clubs

  • Local & International Universities

Past Education Topics

  • Injury prevention in dancers

  • Hamstring injury; the risk factors

  • Swimmers Shoulder

  • Upper & Lower Limb Tennis Injuries

  • The dancers hip

  • Scapula Assessment

Some Recent Presentations

The Japanese Sports Medicine Association


Measurement of Scapula motion and designing appropriate rehabilitation programs


  • Understanding the role of the scapula in the functioning of the shoulder girdle
  • How to determine if the scapula is impacting upon pain or impairment presentation
  • How to measure scapula dysfunction and what does it mean
  • How to effectively and progressively rehabilitate to return to sport

IADMS International Association of Dance Medicine


Advanced tendinopathy and manual therapy mobilisations in the Dancers for and ankle


Understanding the biomechanics of the dancers’ foot and knowing the differences required in the dancer compared to the normal athlete

  • Learn advanced understanding of where dancers feet overload and why
  • How to assess the dancers foot and determining weaknesses
  • Learn dance specific mobilisations

Jamaican Olympic Committee


Cutting edge sports medicine knowledge to facilitate education and learning for all JOA stakeholders.


To reduce time out of sport and improved performance by latest techniques in

  • The management of tendinopathy
  • Developing screening procedures for elite sporting communities to determine “the potential weak link”
  • Neurogenic pain; pain generated by nerves and how it might appear to be something else

Sunshine Coast General Practitioner Special Interest In Sports Medicine Group


Exercise in Tendinopathy


Improve understanding on the local general practitioner population about the importance of exercise in tendon pain and rehabilitation and how exercise may be an alternative to other more aggressive forms of treatment

University Of Mexico City


Ccollaboration on benefits of hydrotherapy to the physiotherapy program


Expand the knowledge of physiotherapy students in regards to the value and use of hydrotherapy in the rehabilitation process, when and how to use it

Swimming Australia


Injury identification, Load management and Screening


  • Improve performance and efficiency in the water
  • Decrease time spent out of the water due to injury
  • Improve athlete understanding, body awareness and mechanisms of load related injury

Giving Your Team The Edge

If your team could benefit from the latest strategies for injury prevention, or the most current, successful rehabilitation protocols when returning to sport following an injury, Contact Dr Jo Brown to see how a tailored presentation or workshop can help give your team the advantage.


Dr Jo Brown’s expertise, experience and passion for sport were evident during her presentation at the Queensland Cricket/Sunshine Coast Cricket Association Women and Girls Coaching Forum. She provided valuable information on injury prevention, strength and conditioning, workloads and other issues specific to female athletes

Grant Lutz Junior Director of Cricket, Sunshine Coast
Dr Jo Brown has volunteered to work with our senior students in the Rugby League Development Program At Mountain Creek State High School in the area of prehabilitation and treating injuries.
Jo is very professional, informative and insightful and has challenged the students to think differently about their preparation to Rugby League.
Dan RobertsRugby League Development Program Manager, Mountain Creek State High School.


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